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Remote Resources


Được tạo bởi: Pham Hong Yen
singapore Viet Nam


Viết Review
  • RemoteResources currently has offices in Australia, Singapore and Vietnam. We provide Offshore Staff for clients all over the world.

    RemoteResources provide solid business solutions. We specialise in the set up and on-going management of offshore staff in client dedicated offices for businesses, small to large. By providing offshore staffing solutions, RemoteResources clients are able to:

    Become more agile;
    Increase capacity & production;
    Gain greater access to specialised staff;
    Reduce staffing costs by up to 70%;
    Have existing employees focus more efficiently on business needs;

    1 Jobs

    (Senior) QC Engineer
    Posted Date: 5 Tháng 3, 2018 - Expired Date: 17 Tháng 3, 2032

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    • Name: Pham Hong Yen
    • Phone:
    • Email: yen.pham@remoteresources.com
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