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Vo Chinh Thang

IT Management

About Me
I'm 13 years experience in Linux System and IT Management, included project management in software development ! As passion and responsibility person, I hate wasting time, i desire to make every single moment of my life to be worth for my goal and my contributed company.

IT System Security

FrontLine Institue
Jul 2006 - Feb 2007

Software Development

HongBang International University
Aug 2002 - Apr 2006


I founded MeetDev.com - Social Network for Developer, Tester, Designer who involves to software development. MeetDev helps them to build and improve software development career each others and myself
May 2014 - Present

Esoluz - Software Outsourcing

Technical Architect
Start this business as co-founder, i bought and owned company after 1.5 years. Esoluz is outsourcing company for Vietnam and Singapore.
Jul 2012 - Jan 2016

Simple Solutions

Senior Leader
- Lead IT Team management under CTO
- Infrastructure design for all projects include Commstree.com - Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games
- 2 Datacenter in Singapore, AWS, Private Cloud
Sep 2008 - Sep 2013

J&J Vietnam

IT Infrastructure
Started as developer, after 6 months i started handle network, then 1 year later, i lead the team and whole IT system included ERP and software development.
Oct 2003 - Sep 2008
Soft Skills

Communication   /   Self-confidence   /   Self-confidence   /   Work well under pressure   /   Creative, Innovative   /   Problem Solving   /   Conflict Resolution

Working Skills

IT infrastructure   /   Software Development   /   Due Diligence   /   IT Security   /   Planning   /   AWS Cloud   /   Private Cloud   /   IT Audit   /   Linux   /   Business Analyst



Social Network for Developer, Designer, Tester who involves Software development industry.


Infrastructure Design and Implement
Commstree - Communication system for Singapore Youth Olympic 2010 ! Commstree has 2 DC at IWI, APAC and Amazon Cloud.

Infrastructure for J&J Vietnam Distribution

Team Leader
- Build 2 DataCenters at HoChiMinh and Da Nang
- ERP for distribution on 10 Vietnam provinces